Korat kittens are rare gifts of nature – and quite exceptional not only in Poland – this is why you may need to patiently wait for your dream kitty. If, however, you are searching a genuine rarity among cats and would like to have a loyal friend for hopefully over twenty years, and you also believe that “nothing worth having comes easy”, you may certainly find it worth waiting. 

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At new arrivals we present our recent litter as well as our breeding plans for the future, and we also show the previous litters from our cattery. You may read about what it takes for a kitten to leave our home at Morakot cattery. A decision to acquire a living creature means taking on a number of commitments, and certainly all the interested need to decide whether they are ready for it at a given stage of their lives. If you consider purchasing a kitten from our cattery, please read what is important to know before you decide on a Korat.