the character

The Korat is a cat of a very interesting character. Bold and bright, it easily adapts to new circumstances. A Korat makes a great companion to adults as well as children, and it happily assists them in their daily activities. It likes to be in the center of attention – always eager to play, even when it gets older. Although it never shows aggression toward humans, it tends to be stubborn and likes to dominate. A Korat may not be the easiest cat to live with – trying to bend others to its will, so it takes skilful and firm handling to bring it up to be a well-behaved cat. A Korat feels great in the company of other animals and cannot endure being left alone, and so it must not be ignored or left solitary for too long. Some Korats are talkative, some are not. They all purr beautifully – if they feel like it..

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Korats build very strong relationships with humans. Their gentle, friendly temperament wins devoted feline fans over to their breed. Many owners claim that once you make friends with a Korat, you will never want a cat of any other breed.