6 March 2023

Our Ombra Kalaya aka Dzidzia has given birth to five kittens – three girls and two boys. The beautiful babies are triving and their momma is absolutely fulfilled and happy. The father of the lovely five is Jenanca Cupid Liam, a handsome British boy, who lives in a German cattery – Labradorit.

19 grudnia 2021
19 December 2021

Our two-and-a-half year old Polonia has finally become a mom! In care of Marta, a trio of kittens was born – two brothers and a sister. The three of them have three adult cats at their command to take excellent care of them – beside their mother, their attentive grandmother and “uncle” as well. One cannot complain!

7 February 2021

Good news at the beginning of the new year! Mrumla has become a happy mother for the second time in her life – five baby kittens this time, two boys and three girls. The babies were born nice and plump and are thriving. Their proud dad is Merrylynn’s Jankes – we hope they will inherit his sweet temperament!

15 and 22 December 2020

This difficult year has finished with a very joyful event at our place – our two girls Dulka and Ombra gave us kittens just a week apart – Dulka two, and Ombra five precious little boys – all boys! Our Magnificent Seven are doing great, and both their moomas are happily involved in nurturing whoever gets in their paws, seeing them all as their own! It will be our six-year-old Dulka’s last litter. We are glad that her daughter Ombra, for whom it is the first litter, shows so much love and care to the little ones!

17 October 2020

We did not think things would go that fast – ignoring our plans, Ombra also insisted on a visit to a boyfriend. It is going to be her first experience with motherhood. She has already had some practice helping her sister Mrumla with her babies, and she did a great job, so we are quite sure she will be a very devoted mother enjoying the experience.  Fingers crossed that this Christmas is full of kitten joy!

12 October 2020

Our dear Dulka has finally made up her mind and decided to feel like visiting her new boyfriend, LukSus Morakot. LukSus, a lovely son of Dessi and Moonstone, is the first stud to one of our three Korat catteries in Poland, Cattery Catlark. Dessi and Ombra were welcome to visit LukSus for a date, one at a time…  While Ombra is staying with LukSus, in the meantime Dulka is enjoying a short vacation after her romantic time with her boyfriend in a lovely place at Charzykowskie Lake.

10 May 2020

On a beautiful May evening we welcomed four lovely baby boys to this world! The proud and happy mom is Bagatela, and the handsome dad is our “American” stud, Jankes. Bagatela chose late night hours and… her beloved Marta’s bed, which she thought was much nicer than the birthing box… It is hard to believe that all the kittens are boys, especially that back in the past Bagatela gave us as many as two litters of five girls each! Mom and babies are all doing very well.

15 March 2020

In the gloomy pandemic days, there is joy in the Morakot cattery! The first-time mom Mrumla has given birth to three lovely babies – a girl and two boys. Her first kittens are big and plump, their birth weights being 100, 110 and 115 grams, which is a result any Korat newborn can be proud of. They are strong and energetic as well as relaxed and fully satisfied in their early days. Their young auntie Ombra is eager to help out and is learning the care-taking skills from her older sister.

21 August 2019

Time flies when you are having fun… We spent the summer at home taking care and enjoying the company of Dulka’s kittens.  The are two months old already and they diligently learn the skills of crouching, jumping and pouncing. In no time they will be ready to move to their forever homes. We are very happy that both boys are moving to homes of big Korat enthusiasts and… Morakot Korats! Onyx is awaited by his older sister Java and Osjan (vel Ozzy) by Jazz (in the picture: Jazz and the youngest family member). And Ombra is staying with us!

26 July 2019

Tonight five lovely new Korat babies were born under a watchful eye of Marta! All of them are big and strong and their experienced and devoted mother Bagatela takes excellent care of them. Dear old uncle Nono has been graciously granted the permission to help attend to the babies by their mom.

21 June 2019

The longest day of the year has witnessed the longest birth in our home ever, happily ended with Dulka’s having three lovely children – a baby girl and two baby boys. Dulka is doing very well, tired but very content, and so are her kittens. Her daughter Mrumla assisted the delivery doing her utmost and turned out to be a natural as long as her midwifery skills are concerned. She is more than happy to help take care of the little ones. This is the very first litter whose proud father is our new American stud, Merrylynn’s Jankes!

30-31 April 2019

We spent a lovely weekend at the spring international cat show in Poznań. Five Korats were presented – our little cat family: mommy, daddy and their baby girl, that is Dulka, Muniek and Mrumla; little Luksus Morakot, Muniek’s and Dessi’s boy, and an old friend of the family, Filou Labradorit from Berlin. Filous, Munieka and Mrumla received nominations to BIS; Luksus and Dulka were given BIV on consecutive days. It was a pleasure to see representatives of both new Thai imports and old “European” lines, each appreciated. Koci Fotograf – thank you for the pictures from the show:  here

4 March 2019

Our little Mrumla, the daughter of Dulka and Moonstone, has just turned six months. As a true Korat kitten, she is super active, jumps unbelievably high and never tires of play. She is keen on fetching and there is no wardrobe too high for her to climb. When not too busy, she enjoys purring and exposing her little round belly for rubs and kisses. In two weeks she will make a debut at an international cat show in Poznań in the company of her mom and dad!

 21 January 2019

Our cattery has been just enriched by a new Korat boy (left)! Today Marta brought Jankes Marrylynn’s from Finland, where he was brought from the USA by Dennis Ganoe. Jankes will be living separately from our females, in the company of Mooniek, under good care of a couple of Korat enthusiasts, Sylwia  and Piotr – new members of our Poznań “Korat Team” ?

18 January 2019

This is what Namir looked like at the age of four weeks. Today, at the age of four months, he took off for Finland, escorted by Marta. When his time comes, he will father new Korat kittens in the Melodian cattery there. Finland is one of the few European countries where Korat breeding is popular, but even there this very rare breed needs new blood.

11 September 2018

Today at Marta’s place our dear Bibi gave birth to five lovely babies: two girls and three boys, accompanied by her faithful and very affectionate companion, uncle Nono. All the kittens and their mother are doing just fine – the only one who does not feel all that great is Nono, who would rather have all the attention to himself.

4 September 2018

Today two lovely babies of Dulka were born – a brother and a sister. We had hoped for five kittens – unfortunately, only two were born live, and for the other three the delivery lasted too long… It was a heartbreaking ordeal… we can only learn from the dear cat mother how to rejoice what you have rather than despair about what you have lost.

21 August 2018

Three lovely Korat babies were born in Poznań tonight (two boys and a girl) – the first litter of our new boy Moonstone which is also the fourth and last litter of our first queen Dessi. Dessi has always shown great motherly instincts and is now enjoying having babies again very much. Both her and the three little ones are doing fine. One of the new Morakot boys is intended to become a new stud at one of only three Korat catteries in Poland, Catlark*PL

1-3 July 2018

Dulka paid a visit to Moonstone – they both liked each other very well from the first sniff and a couple of days spent together on a date turned out very romantic – never mind that there may be other lovely females in Moonstone’s life. We certainly have reasons to hope that in nine weeks Dulka will be enjoying motherhood again!

23 April 2018

We are happy to announce the arrival of our new boy: Vadhana Moonstone. He was born in Thailand and before he came to Poland, he spent over half a year in the USA with Cathy Arend and Terry Chapman, where he sired his first kittens. He is slowly settling in the Polish reality where all seems different, but he can always find some comfort meowing in Thai with our retired Thai stud, Nong Noon. We are looking forward to new blood being brought to our breeding – and our girls are looking forward to dating Moonstone soon!

 21-22 April 2018

We spent a beautiful April Sunday at an International Cat Show in Karben, Germany, which hosted a Korat Special. There were as many as 29 representatives of the breed from Belgium, France, Denmark, Germany and Poland. It was a lovely opportunity for breeders and breed enthusiasts to meet up and exchange experience and opinions, and – most of all – to admire so many representatives of our beloved breed gathered in one spot and enjoy each others’ company! Pictures from the show: here 

24-25 March 2018

The next cat show for Dulka this season – this time the one organized by our cat club Felis Posnania in nearby Luboń. Our little princess was not particularly enthusiastic about being in the spotlight but she did win her two next CAGCIB certificates and a nomination to Best in Show. Well, we do need to practice fighting stagefright before a lovely forthcoming event – a Korat Special in Germany next month! Pictures from the show: here

20 February 2018

During the winter school break we visited Labradorit Korat cattery in Germany, where we spent a lovely time in the company of the breeder and her beautiful little pride of Korats. The amount of show trophies gathered by them throughout some twenty years of the cattery’s history is truly impressive! On our way we also visited Wildkatzenzentrum Felidae near Berlin, where you can experience a close encounter with some big cats, some of which participate in a breeding program of preserving rare species.

3 February 2018

On a cold winter’s day we took Dulka to a cat show in Gdańsk – a lovely opportunity to meet up with Marcin Skowronek and his two daughters, who came to present Beverly, a girl from their breeding. Much to our delight, our Korats were judged by Donatella Mastrangelo. Along with numerous compliments about Dulka’s impressive muscles, her silver coat and typical expression, our princess received a CAGCIB certificate and a Best in Show nomination. Too bad she decided not to show her lovely ears at all… Pictures: here

18 November 2017

Our baby girl Kalina Kalaya Morakot*PL, aged six months, and her new owners, Judy and Dennis Ganoe (Gentlegift) at a CFA show in Portland, Oregon, only two weeks after the kitten arrived in the USA. In the near future we are hoping to receive a little boy from the same cattery to bring new genes to our breeding program. You can find information about Gentlegift Korats here.

11 November 2017

Today we took part in an international cat show in Poznań’s Arena – a show organized by our cat fanciers’ club Felis Posnania. Our Dulka was the only Korat present – she was supposed to show up in the company of her fiancée Liam; unfortunately, his German owner needed to change her plans last minute and had to give up the idea of coming to Poland altogether. Dulka received Excellent One and her first certificate for the Grand International Champion title. Pictures: here.

2 November 2017

The very last of Bagatela’s five kittens left us today at the age of almost six months to start her journey to her forever home far far away: little Kalina Kalaya took off for her big trip to Portland, Oregon, USA, where she is hoped to bring new genes to an old Korat cattery Gentlegift. We drove her to Berlin from where a son of the new owner’s friend picked her up to bring safely to her new home. Due to a little delay, Kalina and her escort spent an extra night in Berlin – confident Kalina could bot be bothered less… quite the contrary to her new owner and us!

27 September 2017

To start a new school year with some fun, Marta decided to organise a Cat Day at school where we both teach; and since we both teach English, it was all in English. Cat idioms and proverbs, a presentation of cat history, cat body language presented in an animated film or the origins of Korats did not impress the kids as much as having a chance to meet them face to face! Bagatela, Dulka, Nono and little Kalina enjoyed being the center of attention, as usual!

17 September 2017

On a beautiful September Sunday we took Dulka to an international cat show to Karlovy Vary in the Czech Republic. Dulka was lucky to win her Excellent One over a female from Germany and so she received her last certificate and completed her International Champion title. The show turned out to be a lovely occasion to meet a new breeder from a neighboring country and see her three Korats! Pictures: here.

28 August 2017

The last group picture of beaming Marta and our five girls – from the left: Kropka, Kreska, Kalina, Kapka and Kulka. Yesterday Kapka headed north to her forever home, today Kropka is heading south; next weekend Kulka is going to go west, and Kreska is going to make her home right in the very middle of Poland. Kalina will be staying with us for a moment before she will be ready to fly to start her breeding career in the USA.

4 May 2017

Today Bagatela gave birth to long and impatiently expected kittens! They are all girls – hard to believe, but it is the second time Bibi surprised us with five girls and no boys. They all have very impressive birth weights, they are strong and vigorous and enjoying healthy appetites from the very start, so it seems they are literally growing right before our eyes. More pictures: here

 8 April 2017

Last Saturday, just a few days before her sixth birthday, Dessi (held by Kaja) presented herself in an international cat show organized by our club Felis Posnania in Luboń. Dessi earned a CACIB certificate and a BiS nomination. We could also see a young male from a good old British cattery shown by a German breeder there – Jenanca Cupid Liam. More pictures from the show: here.

21 February 2017

A comparison of characteristic features of three cat breeds that come only in the color blue: the Chartreux, the Korat and the Russian Blue can be read at More about various blue cats and their characteristic features at What Blue Cat IS That? 

22 November 2016

We would like to express our thanks to the owners of Maciej (Izotop) and Synek (Impuls) for letting their Korats participate in research aimed at identifying a gene responsible for the cosmetic eye condition in cats. The condition was noted in six offspring of our Thai stud Nong Noon, out of one hundred of all his offspring in three generations to date. Initially, ten Korats from Europe will take part, including five from our cattery. Today, the specimens were collected and they are now on their way to Utrecht University. Extracted DNA will be then sent to the University of Missouri, where the research will be conducted.

12-13 November 2016

This year the annual international cat show of our FIFe club Felis Posnania in Poznań hosted as many as 15 Korats from Denmark, Sweden, Germany and Poland, including three grandchildren of Dulka who came all the way from Copenhagen. Such a record attendance of Korats at a Polish show was celebrated with a Korat Special. The star of the Saturday night was the winner of Best of Best, FI*Tiny Tina Turner, and a rising star Gaya Sezerp*PL won the title of Junior Winner. Pictures: here.

5 November 2016

It’s been two months since Dulka’s kittens moved to their forever homes and – as you can see – they have made themselves very comfy in their new owners’ loving arms. Little Jazz is about to conquer the brave new world today: he is competing at the international cat show in Łódź. And only a week from now Bibi and Nono will be taking part in a cat show in Poznań.

23 May 2016

Five baby Korats were born in our house today!!! Dulka is doing great – she is definitely enjoying her second time of being a mother and feeling so much more confident than the first time. The five kittens – two girls and three boys – are also doing great, very busy and very peaceful at the just opened milk bar. Pictures of the new cat family: here

11 April 2016

Our Dulka is expecting! The lucky tom-cat is Kal-Lee Samorn – a handsome boy of a very sweet nature who came to Poland from the USA. The mother-to-be is doing fine – she is in a great mood  and is enjoying a very healthy appetite, which should come as no surprize, taking into account the fact that she now needs to be eating for five…

18 February 2016

Encouraged by the success of the cats’ visit to my daughter’s school, I decided to lend class to International Cat Day in high school where I teach English with their attendance. A special guest, beside Dulka and Bibi, was Nono. After a good share of cat idioms and proverbs and a lecture on the history of cats  prepared by Marta, there came the time to show the cat beauties in the flesh. The cats seemed a bit overwhelmed by the audience at first, but they did great, impressing teens with their good manners  and self-control and winning many fans for their species on that day.

17 February 2016

International Cat Day – to celebrate it, my daughter Ewa decided to surprize her younger school friends aged 7, 8 and 9 with showing Bagatela and Dulka at their school. The cats’ visit in class was preceded by her educative multimedia presentation on how to understand cats and how to handle them properly. Both children and cats were very well-behaved and I was sooo poud of my little expert 🙂

12 December 2015 and 16 January 2016

This winter Bagatela and Dulka take part in two cat shows organized by Polish FIFe clubs, Elitarny Klub Kota Rasowego and Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kotów Jedynka in Warsaw. Bagatela completed her champion title and Dulka gathered two international champion certificates. Shows in Warsaw are most of all a lovely opportunity for us to meet up with the owners of Morakot Korats living in the city. Some pictures from one of the shows: here.

7-8 November 2015

This year’s International Cat Show in Poznań hosted as many as nine Korats from four countries! A breeder from Kopenhagen, accompanied by her Korateer friends from Denmark and Sweden, came to pick up a new girl from us, and she did not miss the chance to see other Polish Korats. This weekend several Korats were very successful at the show. Our Bagatela, who hadn’t been shown as an adult before, earned her first champion certificate, and Dulka finished her champion title. Pictures: here.

11 October 2015

Seems like yesterday when a busy bunch of Korat rascals ruled the house, and today we feel empty nesters… the last but one kitten took off to discover the brave new world. Next kittens of litters H and I found great new homes and families from Istanbul trough Hamburg and Berlin to Kopenhagen! Beside the two cat mommas, only Iskra is here with us – but not for long – her new owner from Denmark is coming for her in November. She decided to use it as an opportunity to show Iskra in our hometown Poznań at an international cat show.

12 September 2015

Our kittens from litters H and I have turned three and a half months old and the first daredevil – Irek vel Iryd Samran – is heading towards Warsaw today to start his new life with his lovely new family. We hope you will make yourself at home there very soon, Irek! Four other kittens will soon move out to Lublin, Łódź, Warszawa and near Poznań. Pictures of the kittens: here and here.

17 July 2015

Elfi Arinya, a female from our cattery who went all the way to Australia to the cattery of Doklao Korats, turned one year old today. Her eyes have become quite green. She is doing well in a totally different climate, though she did not have too much of appetite for quite a long time. In the picture Elfi and her little Korat friend, Izzy. Elfi is soon to become a mother!

6 June 2015

We have almost a dozen kittens at our house now! Only six days after Bibi’s delivery, Dulka gave us five kittens – a girl and four boys. The two happy Korat mommas decided they would bring their kittens up together – they share their nest and take care of them together, yet each feeds only her own children. The babies know very well which momma is their own one, and they may cuddle with whichever of them is at hand, but they show up for meals at their very own milk bar! Dulka’s kittens’ pictures: here

31 May 2015

Our Bibi gave birth to six lovely babies today: four girls and two boys! Both momma and kittens are doing great. Dulka was a very attentive assistant to the big event of the day – she is about to welcome her own babies to the world very soon. Kitten pictures: here

17 April 2015

Elfi Arinya has just turned nine months old. She has become a lovely Korat teenager of a very silky coat and eyes sparkling of mischief. In less than two months she will be ready to take off for a big jouney to Australia, to become part of Doklao Korats cattery. More pictures: here

30 March 2015

At Kaja’s place, Dessi gave birth to six lovely kittens today: three girls and three boys! They are all beautiful, big, strong and they all have very healthy appetites. Their momma is doing perfectly fine and looking her best, though the next morning she does not exacly feel like posing for the pictures and showing off with her babies… more pictures: here

22 February 2105

We are at a cat show in Warsaw held at the National Stadium. It is Dulka’s first show as an adult cat in the open class – she receives her Excellent One and is awarded her first certificate. A trip to Warsaw is especially pleasant as it gives us a chance to meet the families in whose homes there are Korats coming from our breeding – little Kanita and big Aslan and Drumla! Pictures: here.

26 January 2105

The last one of the five daughters of Bagatela left today to discover the brave new world  – and she is going to live across the ocean! Our litter F turned out to be quite international: Fina moved to Germany, Fama – to the Czech Republic, and Fila Nisa to Montana, USA, where she will bring some new blood to Korat breeding. Fraszka and Fanta will stay in the country and will live in Warsaw. Pictures of the kittens in their new homes: here.

 8-9 November 2104

Nono and Dulka are taking part in an international cat show in Poznań. It is the second show in Dulka’s life – this time in junior class – where she receives two Excellent 1.  Nono receives two Excellent 1 and two CACIB certificates. Pictures: here.

30 August 2014

Five delightful baby kittens were born today at our place! Their parents are Bagatela and Nono. The novice momma is doing fine – she is very excited and perfectly absorbed in taking care of her babies, who have been hearty eaters since the moment they were born. Pictures of our five girls: here

2 August 2014

Drumla and Dulka, who have turned four and a half months old, are taking part in an international cat show in Sopot. Beside Excellent 1 and Excellent 2 and a nomination to BIS, the kittens receive a medal for participating in a presentation of blue cats of various breeds – Baltic Blue Show. Pictures: here.

17 July 2014

P7300645Dessi has given birth to four lovely babies – two females and two males! Their happy mother is feeling great and doing fine in taking care of them. The proud father is Nong Noon, out Thai Korat, who also sired quite a bunch of lovely kittens in Belgium. Picures of Dessi’s babies: here.

22 April 2014

Our two baby girls, Dumla and Dulka are growing and developing. They are very attached to children – but not only children are enchanted by their sweet natures. They have just turned five weeks old and discovered solid food. They are now growing in leaps and bounds and exploring all the corners of our house. More pictures: here.

12 April 2014

Nong Noon and Bagatela are taking part in a  TICA show (The International Cat Association) in Warsaw – first time in a show where cats are judged up to six times within a day, unlike in FIFe shows. Both our cats receive the highest notes from each of the judges and take part in the finals. Nono wins his TICA Champion title and Award of Excellence as 2014 Second Best Korat of the Year (Bagatela is too young to run for a title). Pictures here.

22 March 2014

A visit of Danielle and Fredick Vanbruggen, who brought us back Nono after his visit to their cattery. We have all reasons to believe that soon there will be some new Korat kittens in Belgium!

Pictures of cats and kittens of Smud Khoi’s Si-Sawat sired by Nong Noon here.

18 March 2014 

Muka gave birth to two little girls! The babies and their mom are doing well, but since Muka had a c-section, she appreciates the attendance of whoever is willing to lend her a hand – or a paw – in her motherly duties. The most eager little helper – beside Ewa – is our kitten Bagatela, aged 6 months now, happy to both nurse her two half-sisters and to be nursed by Muka!

13 February 2014 

We are taking Nong Noon to Smud Khoi’s Si-Sawat cattery in Belgium, where he is eagerly awaited by two lovely Korat females: Nim Lek and Hwan Chi. If their date brings the hoped-for results, one of the offspring may find its way to Australia.

11 February 2014


Muka is expecting! We are waiting in joyful anticipation for new arrivals – two, as it seems from the ultrasound. The happy father-to-be is Ram Melodian*F aka Ron. The mother-to-be is doing very well, enjoying great appetite and getting rounder and rounder every day.

27 December 2013

Little Bintou has turned three months old and has the world at her feet – all set to explore new places and to make new friends. She is being awaited impatiently by two devoted animal lovers, their two cats: Bastet, the Oriental, and Guru, the Burmese, and their two dogs. Bintou’s sister Bagatela stays home with us!

6 October 2013

A visit of the owners-to-be of our Thai boy, for whom they chose the name Cashmere. In the second half of December Cashmere will move to his new house, where he will enjoy the company of two beautiful cats, Trisha and Galib. We are going to miss our precious boy, who truly inherited the affectionate Korat nature of his Thai father…

 30 September 2013


Dessi – in Kaja’s care – gave birth to two lovely baby girls – Bagatela and Bintou. The proud father is Ram Melodian*F aka Ron. The newborn kitties and their mom are doing just fine. We are very happy, especially that we plan to keep one of the girls in our cattery. Pictures of the litter: here.

 30 August 2013


The first – and only – offspring of our two Thai Korats, Mook Mai and Nong Noon, made his way in the world! Our little boy had to be helped out with a c-section. Although Muka and her boy are feeling well, the new mom needs help with feeding her baby in the first days of hre motherhood. Pictures: here.  

10 August 2013

A visit to Ambra, a girl from our first litter, who turned one in May and is now a beautiful young lady, quite similar to her mother Dessi. Ambra leads a sweet life with two dear cat lovers and a charming Bengal, Horus. Their “mom” immortalizes their feline beauty in nostalgic poetic portraits.

 6 July 2013 

Our Thai boy Nong Noon wins his first and second certificates at cat shows in Kościan and Łódź, and – to top it out – the third one in Puck, and thus he receives his FIFe Champion title.

7 April 2013

A cat show in Kościan: After shows in Warsaw and Gorzów, Dessi – in Kaja’s hands – gets her third and last FIFe Champion certificate from Donatella Mastrangelo, and Nong Noon – in Marta’s hands – gets his first one, along with many compliments and words of encouragement. Pictures from the show: here.

18 November 2012 

After long months of waiting our cattery welcomes two new Korats directly from Thailand! Mook Mai and Nong Noon come from from Khun Chuchai, a Thai breeder of a long tradition. Today we took them over from Eva Krynda, a Korat breeder from Australia who spared no effort to bring the new blood from Thailand. Nong Noon is going to live with our friend Marta and her housecat Amelia, and Mook Mai has moved in with us. More about our new cats: here.