before you decide on a Korat

The Korat is a natural, healthy breed, and a cat reaching the age of twenty years is not rare to see.  Before you purchase one, all the for and against should be carefully considered.

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In keeping with tradition, agreements protecting the welfare of the Korat have been signed since the breed appeared in the West, according to which these cats are meant to be kept indoors only – they may be allowed outdoors only under strict supervision. Their coat, because of their origin, does not have an undercoat and may not protect well against cold. Besides, Korats must not be cross-bred with other breeds, which is the reason why these cats are such an exceptionally pure breed.

The Korat is active and curious – wants to be there whenever something is going on and is eager to assist household members in their daily chores. It is a perfect companion of children. Should the cat be left alone for many hours, a company of another animal will be necessary.

The Korat does not need any special care and it loses few hairs. It is supposed not to cause any allergic reactions,  yet to be sure it is always better to visit a cattery and find it out the hard way.

The Korat’s health will mostly depend on its living conditions. Kittens from our cattery grow up in the best possible conditions we can provide them with – served fresh feed of the highest quality, provided with modern veterinary care, and – above all – love and attention of our family. The new owner should take care of yearly vaccinations, dewarming and veterinary checkup. An important aspect is a healthy diet – obese cats may develop health problems with time.

Before you adopt a cat from us, we would like to be sure if you can provide it with living conditions which will make it feel well, and you need to be sure whether its active, attention-seeking, self-confident and srong-willed nature is what you really want. Therefore, we would like you to feel welcome at our place so that you can meet the cats of this exceptional, rare breed “in person”.