Korat cattery Morakot*PL

We are a small family cattery near Poznań, Poland. We breed Korats to enjoy taking care of kittens and watching them grow and develop, and also to have our tiny little input into the preservation of a rare and fascinating breed. It is our biggest ambition to breed healthy, well-adjusted, sociable cats who will please your eye but not plague your heart by being a sour puss, and whose love and affection you will enjoy for many many years.


We love spending time with our kittens and we hope that the care and attention we provide them with helps them develop harmoniously in the critical early period of their lives and will pay off in the future in their well-balanced and friendly temperaments. You can read about the beginnings of our Korat adventure at about us. If you are interested in acquiring a Korat from cattery Morakot*PL, please read through the information at kittens and feel invited to visit us at home and meet our cats in person – contact: a.dorozalska@wp.pl phone +48 501 01 46 48.


Ania Dorożalska